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If you think about it, there are so many fun things to do with your significant other! Not every date has to be dinner and a movie or just a night in! Those are fun, but if you are looking for some fun things to do with your significant other, here are some my favorite activities:

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Concert or Music Festival

This is one of the top fun things to do with your significant other! I love going to concerts, country concerts to be exact, and my boyfriend is such a gem for going with me to so many! If you two like the same kind of music, all the better! But even if you two have different tastes, being able to spend time together is honestly the best part. Seeing your favorite artist or band live with your favorite person by you side is absolutely amazing! Plus, you totally get off the hook for screaming and singing along like the huge fan that you are.


Broadway Show

Every time I go to New York City with my boyfriend, we always go to a Broadway show. He always gets tickets in amazing spots, which makes the show even more incredible. We have seen Book of Mormon, Newsies, and a few more comedies. Broadway shows have incredible effects, costumes, acting, and singing! Even if you are riding solo, definitely catch a Broadway show!


Comedy Show

Another one of our traditions are comedy shows. After the Broadway show, we hang around Times Square before it’s time for the comedy show. We love Caroline’s – it’s spectacular! I love being in such a happy place with him, where we just sit back and laugh until our stomachs hurt!


Water Sports

I’m not sporty, and neither is he, but we went kayaking together on our recent trip to Bermuda, and it was one of the coolest things ever. Now, I have been kayaking several times before, in California and Hawaii. But Bermuda?! The water is so clear, even when we were far away. And being the quiet island that it is, we were alone. It felt so awesome to be in such a wide open space with him!


Swim with Dolphins

We also swam with dolphins in Bermuda! The private session with the trainer and the dolphins was very personal, and dolphins are such precious animals. We learned hand gestures to get the dolphins to do tricks, fed the dolphins, and took hundreds of pictures with them. I could not have imagined swimming with dolphins without my boyfriend!



This is a girlier activity, and I have noticed that at most tea places, the patrons are almost always female. My boyfriend enjoys going to tea with me. We actually go for tea fairly regularly and it’s a nice peaceful setting for us to chat and enjoy freshly prepared treats!


Explore the City

I love walking around places that we visit together. Strolling through Newbury street in Boston with your partner just beats hanging around by yourself! And this means that many of my vacation memories are sweet because I explored those places with him!


Road Trip

The longest “road trip” I have taken with my boyfriend was a three hour car ride from Indianapolis to South Bend. So maybe this doesn’t exactly live up to the cross-country road trip image you have in your mind, but longer road trips allow time to talk and enjoy the open road and scenery together.


Adopt an Animal

And get creative! We have baby hippos! (I’m completely serious.) If you two love dogs, adopt one together, and it can be your “baby.” When you share something, you two put in love and care, and that strengthens your relationship!



Yet another rather feminine activity. I have my boyfriend hooked, absolutely hooked, on massages. We get couples massages whenever we get the chance, and it is such a relaxing way to let loose and enjoy. Although there is no communication during the massages, you can always grab drinks afterwards or just chill in the Jacuzzi!


Cooking or Baking

Guys love food! Cooking or baking something yummy together can be fun! Perhaps you two could prepare his favorite dish! I’ve yet to do this, but I really want to have a baking day with my boyfriend! I always bake for him and FedEx it to him, but he’s never actually had any of my fresh creations!

These are some of my favorite things to do with my significant other. Regardless of what you do, though, spending time together is the most important thing of all! Do you do any of these things? What are some of your favorite things to do with your significant other?

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You have the best relationship

I love baking with my boyfriend too

Please don't swim with dolphins. I love all the other tips but I just have to say this because I feel strongly about it and research suggests it's not healthy for these wonderful creatures. Peace

You are so lucky to be able to do all these with your man! It sounds like you travel alot, fun!!

You and your boyfriend are lucky too be able to do all these things, It sounds like you travel a lot. Funn!!

Me and my boyfriend both can't cook or bake xDD

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