Game-Changing Tips for Women Who Always Cancel Dates ...


Game-Changing Tips for Women Who Always Cancel Dates ...
Game-Changing Tips for Women Who Always Cancel Dates ...

Are you guilty of this? Are you always making dates and then canceling them? It’s hard to keep putting yourself out there. Whether it’s nerves, burnout or just negativity holding you back, here’re some game-changing tips to help you stop canceling and start dating again.

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Promise Yourself Some Me Time Later

Reason number one women cancel dates: they would rather be alone! Totally understandable, especially if you’ve been in the dating arena awhile and are tired of it. The best way to overcome this is to make a deal with yourself. Promise yourself a night alone later to have a spa night, read or organize to your heart’s content. Whatever you love to do when you’re alone, make a date to do it! But for now, keep the real date.


Remind Yourself This Guy May Not Be like the Others

It’s hard to stay motivated to date when you’ve went out with a lot of duds. But decide to be an optimist here! Keep hope alive! This could be the very guy you’ve been waiting to meet all of your life. And you’ll miss out on knowing if that’s true if you don’t go.


Remember It’s Good to Get out 🌉

To my sister introverts out there, I feel ya. I know the temptation to stay home. But if you’re a single girl, you’ve got to deny yourself that pleasure temporarily. And let’s be honest. You may prefer staying home but once you get out, you usually do have fun.


Tell Your Imagination to Be Quiet

Your imagination can be your worst enemy. Your date has the potential to be anything but your imagination would like to convince you of the worst. You imagine it being dull or being completely turned off by his personality. That’s certainly possible. But it’s also possible that you really click and never run out of things to talk about.


Schedule Dates with Breathers in-between Them

If you get tired of going on dates, space them out a little bit. You don’t have to go on a date every week. But don’t stop dating. Spacing them out is a much better alternative to taking yourself out of the dating game altogether. If you’re lonely and want to find someone then keep at it. Resist the temptation to cancel!


Stand Strong against Fond Feelings for Your Ex 💔

Is this why you keep canceling dates? You’re still holding on to fond feelings about your ex? You can’t let that hold you back. You could end up missing out! You never know, you could meet someone that makes you forget all about the guy in your past.


Reserve the Right to Cut the Date Short

Make a deal with yourself. You go on the date but you have the right to bail if it’s going poorly. You won’t make yourself hang in there for hours and hours if it’s going nowhere. Knowing that you can jump ship can help you resist the urge to cancel. Of course you’re not going to tell him you’re seeing how it goes but it’s a little secret you have to motivate you to give the date a chance.

These’re some helpful tips to use if you’re a lady that often cancels dates. Which ones are you going to use? Your comments are always welcome!

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