7 Gentle Ways to Tell Your Friend Her Boyfriend is Cheating ...


You never want to hurt her, so finding gentle ways to tell your friend her boyfriend is cheating can be difficult at best. I've been in this situation and I struggled to find the right way to do it. While you might want to just avoid the conversation, she needs to know. She might not believe you at first, but finding the right ways to tell your friend her boyfriend is cheating will save her from wasting time in a bad relationship.

1. Be Honest

Beating around the bush simply draws it out. One of the best ways to tell your friend her boyfriend is cheating is to just say it. Make sure the two of you are alone so she can react without feeling embarrassed. Don't call the guy names or try to make it worse in any way. Be honest and keep the statement simple. Your friend will feel bad enough. Embellishing or acting angry yourself will not make it better.

Provide Proof


I probably wouldn't say anything because even if she does find out the truth, she might forgive him & they'll get back together-which would be awkward for you.
peony blue
Dont say a word,she probably knowsπŸ”₯
My bestfriend and I dealt with my cheating ex together. First we cried together, then we both cussed him out over the phone, and I survived that and my best guy friend dying all on the same day. Things get better :)
I think this is a good article as I've had to break news to a best friend myself and the 'straight to the point' approach works... My friend got upset but she appreciated tht I'd had the decency to te...
When I tried telling my best friend about her bf cheating on her, the first thing she told me was that she wasn't stupid, she didn't want to know and lastly she told me that people need to mind their ...
Be anonymous??? Sounds like Pretty Little Liars....
If someone hurts my friends first of all I would send them to the hospital
A good friend would get right to the point and say he's cheating if u have to use 7 steps they either need to grow up or they aren't a good friend of yours bs article
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