Get More Guys with These Tricks to Appear More Approachable ...


Whether you want to urge your crush to start a conversation with you, or you want to make more female friends, it helps to appear more approachable. That way, you'll be able to engage in more conversations and feel like you have a thriving social life. It might even help you land a date with the cutie you've been interested in for years. Here are a few tricks that'll make you appear more approachable:

1. Watch Your Posture

Don't cross your arms, even if you're freezing. It's a gesture that will make you look closed off. Don't face the wall or the window, either. As awkward as it may feel, you can't be afraid to make eye contact with others. When you do, it'll urge them to walk up to you and start a conversation, which is exactly what you want to happen.

Hang out with a Small Group


Smile and someone will smile back if they don't who cares someone will
She Loves Love
I would never do
She Loves Love
Lmao walking with arms cross. I'm dying laughter.
peony blue
I mean smiling is good...
peony blue
Oh yes smoking is good but people can be so unfriendly that smiling can be hard work. I worry about the smile not being reciprocated. Yes I walk with arms crossed just as a coping mechanism.
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