7 Gift Ideas to Survive a Long Distance Relationship ...

Long distance relationships can really test your patience and limits. Guest contributor Alexandra Suriano has a few gift ideas that will make LDRs just a tad more bearable!

Whilst I’m not a lover of long distance (really, who is?), when you find the right person, there’s nothing you wouldn't do to make it work, right? And that’s why I’ve happily gotten myself into an LDR in the past months since I moved to New York. So, how do you keep things interesting in an LDR? One of the things I’ve been doing is sending him a gift each week we’re apart. This can be something simple, from a card, to something more elaborate. Below are a couple of ideas that will work beautifully:

1. Customized Wood Wall Art

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Shutterfly or MyPublisher offer different projects you can personalize. I opted for a customized wood wall art piece which captured some of the special moments we shared when we were together. A simple quote will work just as well!

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