3. Dignity

Men want a woman who they can take to a party without getting embarrassed. If you're the type to gulp down several shots and start dancing on a table, he won't want to bring you home to his parents for the holidays. As appealing as the "party girl" is when he's looking for a one-night-stand, he'll want a "good girl" with dignity when he decides to settle down.



Are these not characteristics that some should want in men too? This article is ridiculous.
Words of wisdomπŸ‘Œ
These are great points and I think it also goes for the men too. So hard to find good guys out there now a days. With what we listen too on the radio or reality shows we watch, this generation is so...
Anna Rae Merrill
Kindness :)
Puggy Pie
I have all of these traits B-)
depends the situation, you only need to be authentic and original, loyal to yourself and kindly! is about to be a good person, not only the boring "good girl"
Lex Luther
I love this post because I'm a good girl but it seems like these so called " bad girls" are winning lol
Some men are different
Great advice!
My boyfriend doesn't like good girls so he says but I'm no bad girl 😁
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