2. It Really Isn’t Anyone’s Business

Going hand in hand with number one is this fact. What goes on between the two of you really isn’t anyone else’s business. Telling them things about your relationship problems makes them feel involved and they really aren’t. Additionally, most likely you are going to forgive your partner for any infraction against you, but the person that you have vented to may not. This is especially true if it is a family member of yours because they love and care about you so they are naturally protective.

It Paints Your Relationship in a Bad Light


yeap i agree with the things in this attricale because nobody elese should really be in your relastionship
Agree with everything you say
Pretend everything is ok, After that then you get to hear, after the divorce, I thought you all were so happy and in love. Yep pretend everything is great!
Shondi Wynter
So true
Lil Lou Lou
Amen sista gurl
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