4. Others Hold Grudges

Here is the truth. When we care about someone, we don’t want to see them hurt. If they come to us and share that they have been hurt by their partner, we are going to naturally feel upset with that person and likely hold at least a small grudge. The same is true when it is us going to someone that cares about us with a relationship problem. They are going to be hurt that we are hurt and hold that against our partner, at least to some degree. It is much wiser to keep mum.

It Shows Weak Areas Others Could Take Advantage of


yeap i agree with the things in this attricale because nobody elese should really be in your relastionship
Agree with everything you say
Pretend everything is ok, After that then you get to hear, after the divorce, I thought you all were so happy and in love. Yep pretend everything is great!
Shondi Wynter
So true
Lil Lou Lou
Amen sista gurl
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