5. It Shows Weak Areas Others Could Take Advantage of

Sharing your relationship problems is showing the weak areas of your relationship.

If you are sharing with someone who does not respect your relationship and could even perhaps be wanting an opening to being with your partner themselves, this tells them this is the time to strike. While a true friend would never do this, there are many that would because they arenโ€™t true friends. Unfortunately, you may not know this until it is too late and you find out the hard way. Donโ€™t expose the weak areas of your relationship to others.

The Problem Grows


yeap i agree with the things in this attricale because nobody elese should really be in your relastionship
Agree with everything you say
Pretend everything is ok, After that then you get to hear, after the divorce, I thought you all were so happy and in love. Yep pretend everything is great!
Shondi Wynter
So true
Lil Lou Lou
Amen sista gurl
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