7 Great Reasons to Call Him First ...


While we might think of plenty of reasons to call him first, we usually end up waiting so we don't seem clingy. The days of sitting idly by the phone waiting for him to call are over. It is okay to take charge and call first. I've found there are far more reasons to call him first than there are to wait.

1. Guys like Assertive Women

They may not always admit it, but guys love assertive women who know what they want. One of the best reasons to call him first is to show him you have no problem going after what you want. In this case, it's him. Not only is it flattering, but it lets him know he's not dealing with a wishy washy kind of girl.

Someone Has to Break the Ice


Isabella Coles
I say us girls should make more effort - if you really like/love him, just call him! If you have the guts, ask him out - sometimes guys need a little push and then they'll realise what they want!
Abigail Jaiyeola
Noooooo let him call first. check out Mimi Tanner, Calling Men and youll see why
Cee Vee
I used to agree with alot of you commenters about not calling first. However I later found my partner to enjoy when I call him because it lets him know I miss him, my affection and that we are equal. ...
Nowadays people don't call that much... It's a little awkward for me when taking on the phone because I'm used to texting :)
Ailsa Hume
Lottee Lee
guys should call first :) it doesn't feel that good when we call first. :)
Still i think guys should call first but Nice article tho
I think it's a great idea. If you like the guy, why play games?
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