3. Discover Dirty Habits

We all have our own dirty habits such as leaving dishes in the sink until we run out of clean plates. Imagine not knowing many of your guy's dirty habits. When you move in together, you're faced with them all on a daily basis. Are you really ready for that much at once? The longer you wait, the more you learn over time. This gives you both time to accept each other's flaws before having to experience them first hand.

Maintain Freedom


Isabella Coles
Phew i was getting a bit worried for a bit there, been with my man for nearly 4 years and hoping to live together next year!
Simone Rice
15 months is over a year. I think this article is aimed more at new relationships. Like don't jump into moving in after only a couple months together.
I mean diagree*
I definitely agree! I just moved in with my boyfriend of 15 months and I couldn't be happier.
I disagree, best way to through all that stuff is to do it
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