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Guys Confess What They Love Most about Their Girlfriends ...

By Heather

Nobody is perfect, guys, girls – nobody, but it's all those little imperfections that make us love each other. Here, guys admit what they really, really love about their girlfriends. You might be surprised girls, it's not about the looks, the makeup or even your weight!

1 I Love the Way She …

I Love the Way She …

2 She's Independent

She's Independent

3 Joking & Laughing

Joking & Laughing

4 She Fits in His Arms

She Fits in His Arms

5 Southern Accent

Southern Accent

6 Her Mouth

Her Mouth

7 Hard to Get

Hard to Get

8 Her Dorky Laugh

Her Dorky Laugh

9 Future Kids

Future Kids

10 Water Shot

Water Shot

11 She Jumps!

She Jumps!

12 She Laughs = She's Happy

She Laughs = She's Happy

13 She's There

She's There

14 Romantic


15 The Childish Nature

The Childish Nature

16 Life is Never Boring

Life is Never Boring

17 Video Games!

Video Games!

18 She's Way Smarter

She's Way Smarter

19 Tight Hugs

Tight Hugs

20 Her Smile

Her Smile

21 The Snort

The Snort

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