3. The Married Guy

The married guy is unavailable so it'll be harder for you to get attached, right? Wrong. A lot of us tend to want what we can't have and you might even convince yourself that you want this guy for the sole purpose that he's unavailable. I know how screwed up that sounds but it's the truth.

There's also a third party in the picture who your actions could affect. When it's just you and your friend making a mutually beneficial agreement, no outside person stands the chance of getting hurt. We want all the good karma we can muster! Furthermore, a man who is in a shaky marriage might be looking for someone to latch on as his savior for his failing relationship.

Your Co-Worker / Boss


BTW it was his idea to be FWBs. That was 9 months ago.
I have an fwb whom I adore. I know I shouldn't and he doesn't know about it. He has a gf out of state and will be living with her soon. I'm supportive and helpful while he's preparing to leave in a...
well I have two coworkers as fwbs. one a peer, the other a somewhat superior. no problems so far. probably because they are older.
Ashley Neal
@Taylor Everyone has different opinions. In mine, relationships that only consist of sex are slutty. And if you want to get into religion, go read the bible. You're supposed to wait until your marri...
@Ashley Neal because not everyone sees there privates as a gift to give to a man? It odd how people view it as if your changed forever because of a mans parts. Your only pushing more shame on women. I...
To thank you so much for this... The guy I'm crushin on wants to be just friends, but I seriously was going to try an pursue FWB with him, because well he's the best.. Anyway he totally meets 3 of the 7 criteria and you make such good points #gawdiloveyhisapp
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