5. Your Long Time Admirer

We all know when someone is totally infatuated with us. These individuals are not good FWB material because they want more than you do and are settling for crumbs or justifying to themselves that a little bit of you is better than nothing at all.

However, giving them just a taste will ignite hope in them that they can change your mind and somehow you will reciprocate their feelings. If you know there's no chance you'd ever be interested it's your job to look out for their best interests and spare them the inevitable heartache when they're faced with the harsh realities of a FWB agreement.

Your Best Guy Friend


Ashley Neal
@Taylor Everyone has different opinions. In mine, relationships that only consist of sex are slutty. And if you want to get into religion, go read the bible. You're supposed to wait until your marri...
@Ashley Neal because not everyone sees there privates as a gift to give to a man? It odd how people view it as if your changed forever because of a mans parts. Your only pushing more shame on women. I...
To thank you so much for this... The guy I'm crushin on wants to be just friends, but I seriously was going to try an pursue FWB with him, because well he's the best.. Anyway he totally meets 3 of the 7 criteria and you make such good points #gawdiloveyhisapp
Ashley Neal
@Taylor Yeah. Most people like that are considered 'easy'. They'll never find someone worth having a relationship with because that person's only going to want sex. I know I'm not one to judge, but I ...
@Ashley Neal no need to slut shame other women. Some women like having sexual relations with no strings attached and some women like having a relationship before starting a sexual one (like me). Why j...
Don't forget about the boyfriend's best friend. My friend did that and it didn't end well.
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