7 Habits of Very Happy Wives ...


If you observe a lot of wives, you’ll notice some differences. Some are a great deal happier than others. While part of that depends on the type of marriage a wife has, there’re other factors at play. Let’s talk about the habits happy wives have that make that a noticeably huge difference in their happiness level.

1. Marriage Isn’t Their Identity

One of the first habits you’ll notice about very happy wives is that marriage isn’t their entire identity. While a happy wife loves her husband and treasures being part of a couple she also knows she’s still a unique individual. She doesn’t lose herself in her marriage. While identifying yourself as only a part of a couple may seem like a good thing to do, it really isn’t. The advice to take from this is to remember you’re still your own person, even inside of a deeply committed relationship.

They Respect Boundaries in Their Relationship


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Sounds like the secret to being a happy wife is to be a happy individual!
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