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7 Hottest Places to Meet Men in 2019 ...

By Deeceebee

Are you struggling to find a date/mate or boyfriend? The dating scene is not always a friendly animal. Many are turning to dating apps and sites to find love, but there are still girls who want to find their partner the “old-fashioned” way. That doesn’t mean to say the old-fashioned way can’t be brought up to date for the teen decade of the 21st century.

1 Find a Man in the Supermarket by Using Your Smile

vacation, sunglasses, eyewear, vision care, glasses,Ladies, if you are in a regular setting such as a supermarket, you are going to catch men off guard. They are not in their best clothes with a splash of cologne; they are in their sweat pants or their uniform from work. If you want to attract a man in such a setting, learn to smile more. Smile more as you walk and move and men will notice you, especially if you direct that smile at them. If he is a beta-male, cowardly, or has a partner, he will slink away. If he is smart and single, he will find it easier to say hello because you already have a smile on your face and you seem like a happy person that will not cruelly reject him. Try to put yourself in men’s shoes if you want to attract them in regular settings.

+ Do not try to attract a man by trying to catch his eye as you would in a bar. The protracted eye-to-eye stare followed by coyly looking away may work in bars, but is creepy in regular places.

2 Some Volunteering Jobs Attract Men Too

person, male, festival,This is true, and the fact is that many of them are often single, but the downside is that they are usually beta-males. They are often unemployed, very old, or are too sensitive with very little in the way of manliness. Men with a social conscience are nice, but the rich, handsome and athletic will usually donate their money instead of their time.

+ Do not look for men in “volunteering roles” that you hate. For example, men that volunteer to care for the elderly will usually have elderly friends in their regular circle of friends. If you are not fond of older people, you will be disappointed with your new man’s circle of friends. Volunteer for causes that associate with things you enjoy and not things that you don’t’ like.

3 Go to Sports Matches with Your Girlfriends

clothing, eyewear, fashion accessory, vision care, sunglasses,For anything from hockey to curling, if you go to sports matches with your girlfriends, men will flock around you like piranha around a rump steak. The reason could be psychological. It seems that men are more overtly sexually aggressive when there are fewer women around. Men that work on building sites, builder’s yards, software companies, and such, will spend most of their day thinking about how they miss women and how they wish there was one there right now.

+ Do not go with just another friend because it may look as if you are both waiting for your boyfriends. Also, do not spend your time looking around at the men. Catch them in the lines, or in the bars after, not while they are trying to watch the match.

4 Get One of These Jobs and You Will Find Successful Single Men

hair, hairstyle, black hair, model,If you want a successful boyfriend, then become a bank teller or realtor. All day long as a bank teller they have men approach them at the counter, and with the click of a file you can find out lots about him without breaking the rules. You can see if he is married, and you may even find out if has paid his mortgage or if he has a very expensive car. You can do your research about a guy and then wait for his next visit before you flirt with him.

If you want a job that makes meeting eligible men very easy, then become a realtor. Men usually tell you their circumstances when they are looking for a house to rent or buy. You can find out what he does, if he is single, if he is successful, and who he is living with and you can do it all in your role as real estate agent. After that point, all you have to do is win him over with a little personal charm and you have yourself a new man in your life.

+ Do not give up a good job just to be a real estate agent. If you have a terrible job, then become a bank teller or estate agent. Make friends with female estate agents because they can direct you toward single men.

5 The Gym (as if You Needed to Be Told)

barechestedness, clothing, person, underpants, physical fitness,Most women know, be it through friends or dating articles, that if they want to find a man that they can join a gym. Men have similar online articles telling them to do yoga if they want to meet women. The biggest reason a lot of women do not go to the gym in order to find a fella is because they feel a little embarrassed by their body--especially since each gym seems to have a tight little princess perfect in attendance, casually huffing and puffing in a sexually suggestive way whilst she does stomach crunches.

+ Do not try to impress men with your physical prowess in a gym. Do ask the hot guys how to use a piece of equipment if he seems interested, and do make friends, but do not try to impress people.

6 Singles Nights Are Usually Sausage-Fests

eyewear, clothing, hair, sunglasses, vision care,Oddly enough, this is one of the stranger places to meet men, and you will understand that statement if you have ever been to one. They are usually full of people that have no idea how to date people of the opposite sex. They are full of permanently single guys, divorced men that haven’t had a date since high school, and oversexed egotists that are cheating on their girlfriends. It doesn’t sound very appealing does it? But, what you should know is that the numbers are usually one woman to three men. If you work the room as if you are networking at a company conference, you can walk away with a lot of phone numbers so you may find your diamond in the rough. Do not spend too much time with one man, work the room, and be honest about the fact you are getting phone numbers so you can arrange dates outside of the single’s night. And look out for unusual venues for singles nights – they’re happening in all kinds of places from auction houses to swimming pools!

+ Do not spend your entire time with one guy, even if you get along great, just be honest and call him first the day after. If he is interested, then you win. If he is insecure because you are single woman collecting phone numbers, then it is a warning sign he may be a controlling and insecure jerk when in a relationship.

7 Go to Places That Interest You

person, kiss, human action, love,If you share an interest with somebody it is a good starting point. At least you know you have at least one point of compatibility. To find like-minded people, go to some favorite and relevant hang outs. If you love books, become a fixture at the local library or your favorite bookstore. If you like art, get a season ticket to the museum. You can even plug in regularly at your local coffee shop to check out the talent.

+ Don’t expect pay off in one visit. You’re going to be very lucky if one a single cappuccino, one browse of the library shelves and one circuit of the museum even identifies a potential date. And when you do you still the confidence or neat tricks to strike up a conversation, so be prepared.

These days, you can think a little outside the box when trying to meet men. Opportunities may arise in the most unexpected of places – be open to them so you recognize them when they happen. What’s the most unusual way/place you’ve ever hooked a date?

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