Have I Wrecked It All Now?

Ok I have posted a few questions on here so far about this situation and everyones answers have been great thank you so much! Cutting it short. Met this amazing guy on the internet, lives close to me (about 45 mins away) been texting and IM for about 3 weeks now.

I was wary of being played as I had only spoken to him once and we cannot seem to arrange a meet, all for what seem to be genuine reasons, I work evenings, he has children from a previous relationship that he sees on weekends and he lives with grandparents while looking for his own place. I text him to tell him my fears and did not get any reply until Monday. I knew his grandfather was ill in hospital but when he text his grandfather had become quite seriously ill and apologized for not texting. He added that my fears were understandable but he hoped he was not like all the other guys, Hearing this I felt super guilty and selfish for thinking about my own in securities when he was going through a difficult time and he said please dont you didnt know, please distract me with some conversation. Yesterday I text to say that I was worried about him and not to feel like he has to text all the time and also that he doesnt always have to be filrty with his texts. I like him as he is and its not needed to be like that all the time.I was hoping he may see that as a good sign from me that I care. As I do. I really like this guy so far. But I am now scared as I have not receieved any reply and worried for him.

Was that a mixed message that said I dont want to hear from you? I do want to hear from him just as much, I just dont want him to feel any pressure from my side while things are so difficult. Or do you think I am being played and I have caught him out and he needs and excuse?

I am thinking all sorts of things. But mostly that I have wrecked it all now. What do you think, I have given out the wrong message? I wanted to show that I am a caring person as well as a flirty fun person and someone worth aranging to meet with. Perhaps I am trying to hard? Should I just let him come to me? I am really confused. I was in a realtionship for 14 yrs previously from the age of 15 so this meeting new guys and knowing how to handle it all is really confusing and I have never really done it before. Any help or advice would be amazing. Thank you xxx

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