Did You Know Kissing Has Health Benefits?


Did You Know Kissing Has Health  Benefits?
Did You Know Kissing Has Health  Benefits?

What are the health benefits of kissing?

Santa and Mrs. Santa had it right this whole time while kissing underneath the mistletoe. Kissing is good for your health! If you are married, find out what you didn't know. If you are dating, find out what you can achieve and if you are still looking for Mr. Right, read on for all the health benefits of kissing.

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black and white, nose, person, monochrome photography, kiss, Vigorous kissing can shape your facial and jaw line muscles! But that's just one of the awesome health benefits of kissing.


Checks Compatibility

kiss, interaction, cheek, mouth, girl, If the kiss isn't good, it could be a major turn-off, measuring the initial attraction. You don't want to waste your time with the wrong person.


Healthy for Your Heart

interaction, facial hair, Kissing lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.


Lowers Stress

kiss, interaction, girl, mouth, human, It also decreases the stress hormone cortisol.


Lifts Your Spirits

vertebrate, interaction, kiss, girl, mouth, Did you know that kissing increases the feel-goods, known as serotonin, dopamin and oxytocin for feelings of desire that boost mood and promote bonding.


Burns Calories!

interaction, mouth, girl, arm, muscle, You can burn anywhere from 2 to 6 calories a minute while kssing! With hours of kissing, you could burn anywhere from 120 to 360 calories!


Good for Your Teeth

photograph, black and white, person, monochrome photography, kiss, With the anticipation of being kissed, the increased flow of saliva reduces the plaque on teeth.



photograph, black and white, monochrome photography, interaction, snapshot, While stopping anxiety, it has been called a "sensual meditation", by pulling us out of the mundane and ordinary into moments of extraordinary...a lusciousness, according to Joy Davidson, PhD, a psychologist and clinical sexologist in Seattle.


Boosts Self-esteem

kiss, interaction, mouth, girl, muscle, Kissing makes you more productive, especially when gone all day at work, because you feel loved and connected.


Relieves Menstrual Cramps and Headaches

photograph, black and white, person, monochrome photography, emotion, A good, long kissing session causes blood vessel dilation that helps with your pain. Instead of "not tonight", say "kiss me now!"


Simply a Blast

kiss, interaction, love, romance, darkness, Kissing is so fun! Happiness is good, right? Being creative and being able to express ourselves is awesome!

OK, you are probably wanting to kiss HIM right now!









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