7 Healthy Habits to Have in Your Relationship ...


Every relationship is different. However, there are a few healthy habits that EVERY relationship should have! It's all about communicating and making sure the two of you remain on the same page. If you can think of any other healthy habits to have in a relationship, make sure to share it in the comments!

1. Communication

What's more important than communication? Without it, a relationship is doomed! A healthy habit to have in your relationship is to vocalize your feelings. Say "I love you," give compliments, and just stay in synch. Of course, you also have to be able to talk about the bad. If something's bothering you, you should feel free to bring it up so the two of you can talk through it! Communication makes for a long-lasting and fulfilling relationship.

Spending Quality Time Together


Isabella Coles
Finally a logical article that has communication as the first point! I completely respect people's ideas like Olivia, as it's something to honour and is really special, but at the same time each to th...
I completely agree with Kayy
When u start having sex with a partner i would agree with the article. Sex is very important its something that only u and him/her share. I think after an argument or even after a stressful day its he...
Totally agree with Olivia!!!
Olivia I think number 7 is for the couples who are sexually active. It is true if sex stops there is an issue with the relationship.
Not sure how much I agree with 7... What about couples who want to wait until they are married? It doesn't mean their relationship is unhealthy or they are missing out on something.
Great tips
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