9 Heart Melting Examples of Real Romance ...


In a recent conversation with a friend, we started discussing examples of real romance. We were sick of hearing how romance meant a guy had to buy a woman a $100 dinner and give her diamonds after the first date. I can't tell you how many single friends believe romance is all about stuff and being waited on hand and foot. As women in happy relationships, we came up with quite a few examples of real romance.

1. Trying out Something You like

I believe one of the sweetest examples of real romance is when you start offering to try out things each other likes without being forced to. I can't tell you how happy it made me when my guy started watching a super girly show with me for no other reason than to spend more time with me. Happily doing an activity the other likes is romantic. No flowers necessary.



What happens when your man never says I love you but shows you in different ways?
Really enjoyed this post! Super sweet advice.
Oh my god this article just made miss my man even more....
That's all so sweet *_* we have done a lot of this things but not all of them.
Last night wasn't feeling well and my guy turns up to my house with dinner and my favourite ice-cream. It was so heart melting real romance.
I want all of that !!!
Sapna Pathak
Except massage n cooking have done eveything 😊
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