9 Heart Melting Examples of Real Romance ...


9 Heart Melting Examples of Real Romance ...
9 Heart Melting Examples of Real Romance ...

In a recent conversation with a friend, we started discussing examples of real romance. We were sick of hearing how romance meant a guy had to buy a woman a $100 dinner and give her diamonds after the first date. I can't tell you how many single friends believe romance is all about stuff and being waited on hand and foot. As women in happy relationships, we came up with quite a few examples of real romance.

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Trying out Something You like

I believe one of the sweetest examples of real romance is when you start offering to try out things each other likes without being forced to. I can't tell you how happy it made me when my guy started watching a super girly show with me for no other reason than to spend more time with me. Happily doing an activity the other likes is romantic. No flowers necessary.



Going out is fun, but staying in and being completely content just snuggling is what's really romantic. The moment when you realize you're happier in his arms than going to a fancy restaurant is when you realize you're truly in love. It's so simple, but so sweet. I dare you to think about snuggling with your guy and not instantly start smiling. Personally, snuggling in front of the TV is one of my favorite things to do.


Writing a Love Letter

I know it sounds silly and like something you'd only do in high school, but bear with. Writing or receiving a simple love letter is far more romantic than any gift you'll ever receive. All you need is a few short lines that say exactly how you feel. Not only will the recipient feel loved, but you'll feel all warm and fuzzy for writing it. I can't tell you how heart melting getting a note saying how much my guy loved me and how beautiful I looked really is.


Cooking Together

There's something incredibly intimate about cooking together. It requires you to work together and then you get to share something the two of you made. Even after a hard day, it's highly relaxing to get into a rhythm in the kitchen. What makes it really romantic is all the stolen kisses, random conversation and extra closeness. Try it and you'll quickly see why this is what real romance is all about.


A Massage for No Reason

Have you ever just been sitting together and he rubs your shoulders for no reason? It's like he just knows that you could use a little extra relaxation. It's so romantic when you massage each other without having to be asked. It's something so simple and easy that shows how much you really care. It also shows how in tune the two of you really are.


Having Real Conversations

Maybe you ask your guy how his day is, but do you really care? I was once told that it meant the world to someone to actually care about what they say. I know it's one of the most romantic things in the world to me to have real conversations with my guy. It doesn't matter what we talk about. It's the fact that we listen to each other and talk. You'd be amazed at how much you learn and how much fun it can be.


Doing Something Special

You usually expect to do something special for birthdays or anniversaries. What about random days? It's so romantic when your guy does something special for you for no reason and vice versa. It shows that you care enough to want to make every day special. Whether it's cooking a special meal, handling household chores or going to a restaurant you've been dying to try, that random special thing will melt your heart.


Accepting Friends and Family

Even if your guy doesn't love your friends and family, it's romantic when he deals with them without complaining. Real romance means compromising with your partner sometimes. Being accepting of each others' friends and family isn't always easy. Doing it means everything to your partner. Plus, it makes friend and family time less awkward for both of you.


Saying I Love You

Somehow we get into routines and only say I love you at certain times, such as before bed or before going to work. Do you realize how romantic it is to randomly say I love you for no reason? My heart melts every time I see a couple whisper I love you to each other when shopping or over a meal. I know how much it means to me to randomly hear it from my guy for no other reason than he just wanted to tell me.

Real romance is all about the little things. These are what last forever and mean the most. If you've ever experienced any of these, you know exactly what I mean and how heart melting real romance truly is. What examples do you have of real romance?

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I want all of that !!!

What happens when your man never says I love you but shows you in different ways?

That's all so sweet *_* we have done a lot of this things but not all of them.

Oh my god this article just made miss my man even more....

Except massage n cooking have done eveything 😊

Last night wasn't feeling well and my guy turns up to my house with dinner and my favourite ice-cream. It was so heart melting real romance.

Really enjoyed this post! Super sweet advice.

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