Help! I Don't Love Him Anymore. I Can't Leave Him. What Can I do? 😟 πŸ’” 😭 ...


Oh, girl, I've been there. You're madly in love with someone, build your life with him... and then you fall madly out of love with him. But your lives are entwined, and you feel overwhelmed. How can you possibly get out of the relationship and keep your life in tact? I can help. Here are seven simple steps β€” truly, just seven! β€” to get out of your romantic entanglement. πŸ‘

1. Safety First!

Wait! Are you leaving because he's been abusive! Please get help! There's a live person who you can talk, in confidence, 24/7 by calling. 1-800-799-7233.

Start Saving


Fears can be scary! Cant Definition meaning is you won't. Conquer those fears of Can't. Thinking Negative is our brain's safety net to protect. Have faith :Prayer, in yourself - knowing it's not good & in a new beginning. Take that first step! Best wishes
Actually a relief and I wish I hadn't held on so long. I was just scared. but things will work out, they always do. Don't stick around just because it's comfortable and you have a life together. It's a waste
I've been there. I held onto a relationship because he was my childhood sweetheart and we'd moved out together and had a life and pets and everything was just so comfortable that I hung on to something which was dead. But when I finally let go, it was
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