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7 TELLTALE Signs That You Are Smothering Him ...

By Heather

We all get into those modes when we have to actually look for signs that you are smothering him – face it, sometimes you might be just a little too clingy. Looking for signs that you are smothering him is hard work, but don't worry girls and guys, I have your back! Below, I'm going to outline some of the signs that you should be looking for to tell if you are smothering your boyfriend!

1 He Has No Alone Time

One of the very first and obvious signs that you are smothering him is that he has absolutely no alone time. You are constantly there. You are constantly around. You are constantly in his space. Wouldn't that annoy you? Well, most likely if you don't give him any time alone, you are smothering him. Everyone needs some type of alone time, some me time. Think about that!

2 You Get Mad when He Doesn't Respond Right Away

When you text him, do you immediately expect an answer back? Do you get pissed off if you don't immediately hear something back? Well girls and boys, that can actually be a sign that you are smothering him! Sometimes, he won't be able to text you right back and if it takes a few minutes, you shouldn't get mad at him for it!

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3 You Know Every Plan He Has

Sometimes, a guy just has to have his own plans that he doesn't include you in. Now, that doesn't mean that you can't know them, but does he have to tell you every single time he goes out? Does he have to tell you where he is going every single time? If you trust your guy, you shouldn't have to know all of his plans all of the time.

4 You're Obsessed with Checking His Phone

So my girlfriend and I have this thing, our phones are our own. I really respect the privacy, but when you are obsessed with constantly checking your boyfriend's phone and when you are constantly obsessed with knowing every single thing that is in his phone, it can get a little much right?

5 You Access His Email

How about his email? Do you constantly check his email and you have his password to everything? Well girls and guys, that is a little stalkerish and it's a little obsessive. You shouldn't be going through his email, you should have some trust – right? After all, does he go through your email?

6 You Can't Go a Day without Checking His Computer History

If you have a nagging feeling that you constantly need to check his computer history, just to see what he's looking up and what he's browsing, that can be a problem. Does he constantly check your computer history? Or does he have the trust in you that you aren't looking at things you shouldn't be.

7 He Doesn't Have a Voice in the Relationship

Finally, do you steal his voice in the relationship? Does he have a say in anything? Do you constantly take away every opinion that he has in the relationship and about anything? These are all signs that you are not just smothering him, but that you are taking away everything that is individual in the relationship at his end.

So girls and guys, these are just a few of the surefire signs that you are not just smothering your boyfriend, but that you are seriously taking away everything about him. So, do you have any other signs to watch out for? Have you ever been smothered?

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