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Polyamory relationship advice isn't the easiest in the world to follow. If you are in a polyamory relationship and are looking for some polyamory relationship advice that actually works, I've got the top 7 tips to follow in a polyamory relationship. So poly's, you ready to follow some polyamory relationship advice?

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Believe Your Partners

When you are in a polamory relationship, one of the biggest polyamory relationship advice tips that you should follow. Ladies, your partners love you and they just want to make you happy, so you really have to make sure that you believe in both of them and that they do want to make it work.


Don't Crack under Judgment

When you are a poly, there can be a lot of judgment that happens, especially from friends and family that might not understand your relationship at all. One piece of polyamory relationship advice that you should follow is not cracking under judgment. Your relationship is your own and if you love two people and in a relationship with them, nobody should say anything to change your mind!


Don't Try to Be a Good 'Poly'

Of course there are rules to every relationship, but there are a lot of rules that you'll find by researching polyamory relationships. Girls, if you are in a relationship that involves more than one person, there is no need to follow any and all rules, why not make up your own that work best for you? This is the best polyamory relationship advice tips to follow!


Be Willing to Be Vulnerable

When you are in a polyamory relationship, you've got to be willing to let your guard down and be vulnerable. After all ladies, you're in a relationship with two other people, both of which are probably extremely vulnerable. So girls, let your guard down a little and loosen up!


Be Flexible

Remember, the world does not revolve 100% around you, even when you are in a polyamory relationship, that's why this polyamory relationship advice tip revolves around being flexible. Flexible can mean anything from being open with your partners all the way to being flexible with your partner's lives and schedules. You've got to roll with it ladies!


Roll with Emotions

Speaking of rolling with it, that means emotions too! You've got to be willing to let your emotions out and let your boyfriends into your emotions. Not hiding anything will ensure that your relationship is completely open and that you are willing to let all of your emotions out, good or bad!


Understand Your Different Loves

Finally ladies, the last bit of polyamory relationship advice that I have is understanding your different loves. This means that you need to learn that you love both of your boyfriends in different ways and that they are separate from one another.

There you have it ladies, all of the polyamory relationship advice tips that I have! So girls, what other polyamory relationship advice tips do you have? Have you ever been in a polyamory relationship?

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Wow, I don't think a guy would be cool with a girl dating another guy unless he is the same way. I've never understood this. You can love more than one person but you can only be IN love with one. If you are in love with someone than you clearly wont be chasing after others.

This doesn't explain polyamory at all, and it only represents one arrangement, but I was excited to find poly pop up in the "mainstream". (And the tips are pretty good! :)

Strange...ive only learnt of this today. Interesting though.

I think these kind of relationships are seriously screwed. :L

I am in a polyamorous relationship between myself, my husband, and another woman (for me, not for him!), and I think these rules are a good starting point. You gotta remember that everyone, EVERYONE is different. Your boyfriend on one hand may not respond - probably won't respond - the same way as your other boyfriend/girlfriend. Don't go into a poly relationship with loaded expectations, because you'll probably be let down!

Great points. We are in a triad and communication is the key.

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