9 Helpful Tips to Flirt with Your Partner when Youre in a Long Distance Relationship ...

By Lyndsie

Speaking from experience, it's so helpful to have tips to flirt with your partner when you're in a long distance relationship. Heather and I were in a long distance relationship for the first two years and we just had our 7th anniversary – plus we're getting married in October! People will advise you against having a LDR, insisting that they're too hard and that they never last. They are hard, that's true, but you can nurture a long distance love – as long as you're both willing to work at it. When both parties are honest and determined to keep the relationship going strong, you have a much better chance. Of course, you also need a few tips to flirt with your partner, so you can do your part to ignite the spark. Just remember: don't ever share anything too risque or sexual, just in case. Stay smart.

Table of contents:

  1. tempting text messages
  2. sensual skype sessions
  3. go on a facetime date
  4. flirting with photographs
  5. the secret of snapchat
  6. innuendo through email
  7. leave it to love letters
  8. five-second phone calls
  9. make it mysterious

1 Tempting Text Messages

Technology makes maintaining a long distance relationship so much easier. If both you and your lover have cell phones – smart phones or less expensive models capable of texting – then you've already got a great connection. Learning how to flirt via text messages is one of the best tips to flirt with your partner when you live far apart. Don't get too terribly salacious – you want to tempt and tease, not write a miniature erotic novel. Keep your partner's interest piqued with a well-timed text full of subtle details. Send it when you haven't talked for a while, but try to avoid doing so when you know your love is in class or attending an important meeting.

2 Sensual Skype Sessions

When you're both at home, however, you can get a little more risque. You don't necessarily have to see each other to flirt, but it definitely helps. Set up a Skype session with your long distance lover, and have the same kinds of conversations you'd have if you were right next to each other. You don't have to engage in strip teases or anything too obvious. Talk about your days, your plans, how much you missed each other, and simply employ your best flirting techniques throughout the conversation – just like you would on a dinner date!

3 Go on a FaceTime Date

In fact, why not have a little date even if you're apart? That's one of the best times to flirt, after all. Get on FaceTime or an equivalent (even Skype would work) while you're out. Head to a local restaurant or your favorite coffee shop, while your boyfriend or girlfriend does the same. Set up your phone or tablet on the table and have a real date! As you chat about the food or books or music, do what you do best. What's your best flirting move? You might not be able to touch his or her arm or whisper in each other's ears, but you can still get flirtatious.

4 Flirting with Photographs

Sending flirtatious pictures is another great way to keep your image in your lover's mind. Now, this tip comes with a caveat: no naked or semi-naked pictures. That's not necessary and it's not smart, because you don't want them to end up online. I'm not even saying that your partner would betray you that way, but all sorts of things can happen so you don't want to take the risk. Just stick to cute, flattering photographs. A brilliant smile or a coy little wink are more tempting anyway.

5 The Secret of SnapChat

SnapChat is another way to flirt with photographs, but it's unique because you can take quick videos as well. Send your lover a quick wink in the middle of the day, or record a short video saying “I love you.” It's somewhat safer (although the recipient may take a screenshot!) and it's more spontaneous, proving that you can still go with the flow even in a LDR.

6 Innuendo through Email

Why not write down long, dreamy fantasies about dates you'd like to go on and things you'd like to do? Flirting through email allows you to reveal the sweet things you might be too shy to say when you're on Skype or talking on the phone. Again, don't get too awfully risque, but you can get a little frisky. More than anything, you have the opportunity to be a little more detailed about your feelings. Conversely, you could also send little snippets of meaningful poems and song lyrics.

7 Leave It to Love Letters

You can make it even more special by actually writing your love a letter – a real letter, using a pen and paper. Seal it with a kiss, and your special, far away someone will have something real and tangible to keep when he or she wants to think of you. Better yet, you'll have something to look back on when you're finally together.

8 Five-Second Phone Calls

Heather and I stayed on the phone almost all the time when we were still long distance. If it was feasible, we walked around with each other on the phone; we even slept on the phone. It's unconventional and not for everyone by any means, but we attribute it to the success of our relationship. While those conversations that last for hours are amazing, a quick phone call provides the perfect opportunity to flirt. Make a quick call in the middle of the day or right before bed. Chime in with “I love you,” “I miss you,” “You're sexy,” or “I can't wait to be with you.”

9 Make It Mysterious

Above all, make your long distance flirting mysterious. Keep your lover guessing about some things. Sometimes – not always, but sometimes – stay subtle and make use of clever but exciting innuendo. You'll have the opportunity to reveal all those mysterious confessions and flirtations when you see each other again.

The Better Half and I are living proof that long distance relationships can work. You have to trust each other, however, and you have to put in the work. You can't go for days and days without talking, and you have to find your own special ways to keep the romance thriving. If you have a long distance partner, how do you flirt with each other? We'd love to hear any tips you have for making a LDR work as well!

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