9 Helpful Tips when Starting a New Relationship ...


If you’re part of a new couple or you’re just looking for tips for a new relationship, I’ve got some nuggets of relationship wisdom for you! Sometimes, it can be awkward to get in the relationship groove after you’ve been single for awhile or got used to other relationships, so keep these tips in mind when starting a brand new love affair! After all, taking in all of the tips to start a new relationship that you can, can be super helpful!

1. Nix the Ex

The first and foremost new relationship tip to you is to get rid of any lingering exes! If your ex isn’t a genuine friend, there is no need for them to be around. Think of how you’d feel if the situation were reversed and your new significant other had an ex who still hung around, it’s not cool, right? Having an ex around can give off bad vibes like drama, baggage or that you’re just not over them.

Talk Often
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