7 Greatest Places to Meet the Man of Your Dreams for Girls on the Hunt ...

By Jennifer

7 Greatest  Places to Meet the Man of Your Dreams  for Girls on the Hunt  ...

While all my friends are swiping left on Tinder, I'm sitting here daydreaming of all the real-life places I'd like to meet a man. After several cups of tea and much deliberation, these are my picks, the places I wish I could meet a man, because I just hate Tinder.

1 The Bookstore

First of all, if you meet a man in a bookstore, you know he shares your love of books, so you're already a pretty good match. But then you also have the opportunity to see what he's into: is he buying a big stack of George RR Martin, or Oliver Sacks?

2 Coffee Shop

It's such a cliche, meeting someone in a coffee shop. But again, watching him for a minute will tell you a lot about him. Does he like coffee or tea? Is he being polite to the staff? What's he doing at that table, exactly?

3 Home Improvement Store

Most people don't go to a home improvement store unless they have a home they care about, so this is also an excellent place to meet a guy. You, giggling over what in the world a galvanized nipple could be used for (plumbing); him, picking out the straightest, best 2x4. Swoon!

4 Animal Shelter

If you're in the market for a new furry best friend, keep your eyes peeled at the animal shelter, not just for a dog or cat, but also for your soul mate. Anyone who spends time helping the furry but less fortunate might make a good boyfriend.

5 Library

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the bookstore, only on a budget. I do love a man with fiscal responsibility.

6 At a Race

I've met so, so many people at local races! It says a lot about a man's dedication to fitness that he'll run a race, and it can also tell you which charities he cares about, if the race benefits a particular cause. The question is, can he keep up?

7 Where You Volunteer

Wouldn't it be great to meet someone at the place you volunteer? Again, you'd already know you have something in common, and who doesn't love a guy who'd rather spend his time than just write a check for a cause he loves?

If you're tired of Tinder, which of these places will you haunt? Is there somewhere else you'd like to meet a guy?

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