Here Are the 7 Politest Ways to Break up with Someone ...


"It's not you, it's me." "I don't want to ruin our friendship." "I'm not ready for a serious relationship." Most of us have heard at least one of these (totally clichΓ©) excuses, or something similar, from someone we are dating. And breaking up can be hard- both for the dumper and the dumped. But if a relationship isn't providing happiness in someone's life, it might be time to move on. So if you're in a relationship rut and need a way to break someone's heart as gently as possible, try one of these 7 ways.

1. Sugar Coat the Truth

I'm not suggesting that you lie. Honesty is important in every relationship, even when you're ending it. What I'm saying is to just be honest with your guy, but don't use words that are harsh or hurtful. Instead of saying, "You have a crappy job and I need to be with someone who's motivated," say, "I don't think we share the same work ethic and it's important that I be with someone who has the same goals that I do."

Start with the Positive


peony blue
I used to break up with guys on the phone. Now I won't recommend it but I was young and stupid then. Now I would just tell them nicely but then it depends on the circumstances.if he is crazy then a te...
Sam The Irresistable
Shellykaren, you have to keep in mind rejecting is not a good thing for a man or a woman. But men are more sensitive especially if you trade him for another man.
I feel like when a guy gets dumped,it makes him look sensitive
Being honest and keeping it private is the most respectful way
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