Practical Tips for Super Busy Girls to βš– Balance Career and Love Life πŸ“β€οΈ ...

You love your job and you’re grateful that you found a fantastic position in your field. But at the same time, it feels as if your relationship takes a backseat to your job. This can cause problems in the relationship. But fortunately, there are simple ways to balance your career with your love life.

1. Set Boundaries at Work

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Some jobs are extremely demanding. You might be on call at night, or you might have to bring work home. But even if your job takes a lot of your time and energy, it's okay to set boundaries. Your relationship and personal life should be a priority. Therefore, speak with your boss and colleagues to strike a doable balance. For example, you might avoid answering work emails or phone calls after a certain time, perhaps 7 PM. Also, you can talk to your boss about limiting the amount of overtime you work.

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