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Here's How to Feel Whole Again after a Breakup ...

By Holly

Whether you were the one who got dumped or the one who ended it, losing your partner is never fun. It can make you feel like your life is spiraling out of control, even though you know in your heart that you're better off single. When you're struggling to get over your ex, you need to remember that there's much more to life than boys. Her are a few simple ways to feel whole again after a breakup:

1 Find Your Passion

Many people assume that finding someone to date will fill that hole in their heart. However, what you really need to feel complete is a purpose in life. It sounds complicated, but it can actually be rather simple. What do you love most in the world? Animals? Painting? Food? Once you figure out what you enjoy the most, find a way to incorporate it into your life by making a career out of it. Become a vet, a painter, or a chef. It's all up to you.

2 Love Yourself

Even if you didn't love your ex, you probably loved the way he made you feel. Why? Because humans have a craving for affection. You want to feel special, which is why you think a boyfriend is the answer to your problems. However, you don't need a man. You just need to learn to love yourself. You don't need anyone's approval to feel special, because you already are.


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3 Replace Him

Don't immediately replace your ex with another guy. Instead, use the time you would've spent with your ex to hang out with your best friends or your family. You can even buy a puppy or kitty if you're capable of taking care of it. A boyfriend isn't what you need--you just need a friend.

4 Learn Something New

Back when you had a boyfriend, you probably neglected to do some important things like work out, volunteer, or go to class. Well, now that you're single, it's time to do all the things you've been neglecting. Get your life back on track so you can be happy with yourself.

5 Reinvent Yourself

Now that you're unattached, you can reinvent yourself. Did you always want pastel colored hair? What about a tongue piercing? Now is the time to go for it, because it could help you attract a cutie in the future.

6 Become One with Nature

If you can't see beauty in yourself, you should at least be able to see the beauty in the world. That's why you should read outside instead of inside, and take a walk down the block instead of on your treadmill. Being cooped up around electronics all day is unhealthy. It'll do you good to be around nature, because it'll remind you how beautiful the natural world is.

7 Just Read

Reading gives you a different sensation than watching a movie or a television show does. It'll make you feel like you're really inside the mind of the main character. When you feel incomplete, it's healthy to read about others who feel the same way. Maybe the way they deal with their problems can inspire you to deal with your own.

Breakups are always rough, but they shouldn't make you feel incomplete. You certainly don't need a man in order to feel fulfilled. What do you usually do to get over an ex?

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