Here's the Cracked Code 🎛🗃 to Men's Feelings 😑😶 ...


Let's face it: one of the key goals of feminism is to allow men and women both the chance to reject harmful gender stereotypes and roles, and one of them in particular -- that men are unfeeling -- is just awful. Of course men feel emotions, just like we do! But our culture has deemed that men are supposed to be tough and emotionless, so sometimes we've got to dig a little deeper to find out what they're feeling. Until we're able to reject this idea, as a culture, here are a few tips to cracking your man's emotional code.

1. He's Not Sad, He's Angry

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As a culture, we've decided men are allowed an abbreviated range of emotions, mostly anger, frustration, and the like. So when a man is feeling something else -- like sadness or fear -- he may express it as an emotion society thinks is more acceptable. This is confusing to deal with, and it's so sad, but knowing about this emotion-swap makes is easier, doesn't it?



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