7 Hidden Ways to Spot Unavailable Men ...


Trying to find ways to spot unavailable men can still be hard to do even after a few times around the block and a few broken hearts. Even the most gifted of daters can still find herself caught off guard. Before you fall for Mr. Right let’s make sure he’s not Mr. Right Now as I give you seven hidden ways to spot unavailable men.

1. He Just Got out of a Relationship

One of the easiest ways to spot unavailable men is if they just got out of relationship, especially a long-term one. On paper he’s available. Literally! But, even if he did the breaking up, there will always be little tremors from the earthquake that was his breakup. Tread lightly with the guy. He may seem ready, but he may just be ready for a rebound.

He’s under 28


@chellz I agree with you about #2 on the list...my boyfriends turning 21 this year and he's been talking about settling down once schools through for him and I'm halfway done (I'm going in for law and that's 8 years of school for me)
How I wish this article came out a little earlier. But still a good one! Found myself smiling on my own for the "I can relate feeling".. ????????????????????????????
Another is always putting everything else -friends, job, etc. before you, even if their remorse seems genuine. If he wants to be with you then nothing will stop him! Lived this one unfortunately....
The last one what if your in a relationship with them already for awhile and plans get canceled a lot or there's a lot of excuses?
Dont agree with 6. I'm together with my boyfriend for 2years
Ugh men! This article is spot in....I've met men that this article was written about😉
I don't agree with #2 on the list, now it has some truth generally speaking, but from my experience age is just a number. I have dated guys older like in their 30's and they were just like the young o...
Melissa Gosselin
I wish I would have read this two month ago. Great article!
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