7 Hints to Make the Most of Internet Dating ...


Internet dating is no longer seen as a strange way to meet potential partners. Many successful relationships started with looking at online profiles. But this method of finding dates has a number of pitfalls and dangers; you have to be particularly vigilant when you're speaking to someone online and haven't met in person. Here are some hints to help you make the most of Internet dating

1. Assume Exaggeration

The first rule of Internet dating is to assume that people are exaggerating. That doesn't mean that they are necessarily out to deceive you. People may think that they will sound more appealing if they knock a few years off their age, or add a few inches to their height. It's like lying on your resumé to get a job. Assume exaggeration until you find out that something is true.

Never Send Money


I thought my guy had to have exaggerated. So far everything checks out. Even the gun shot wounds from his tours in Middle East.
I met my husband online yes he did exaggerate a bit but in the end it was all good. I had a friend who wasn't so lucky. He ended up stalking her and breaking into her house and cutting all the heals off her shoes... Creepy creepy creepy
Ine Van Tuijl
Oh, and he was also looking for someone to do his laundry, as his mum was getting too old to do this. 😆
Ine Van Tuijl
Haha, several years ago, I met this guy who told me, while we were having diner, that he had been afraid to damage his liver while drinking during a holiday with his mates in England. It was obvious h...
I met my current partner through online dating and I've never been happier. He loves me and looks after me and we have he most amazing time when we are together. Don't believe the stigma of online dat...
I met a wonderful man online. Though we are still just going on frequent dates, I'm very pleased. He seemed way out of my league, but I took a chance sent him a fun message and here we are. One deploy...
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