4. Workout Time

The same way men know we’d love an extra few classes of Soul Cycle, he too would love an unlimited month of his favorite type of workout.

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Buy a man a pair of underwear he will drop them down for someone else
If you buy a man a pair of shoes he will wAlk out of your life If you buy a man a watch time will run out and if you but a man a pair of under he will drop for someone else..lol just an FYI
Cologne's nice as well
I got my boyfriend a custom made wallet from etsy, etsy has a lot of amazing gift ideas for men that they would love :)
None of these my would like. Good thing I got him a new game for the Wii u
@Mack comedy show tickets are a fantastic idea!
Comedy show tickets, house shoes, sweats, really good booze, and snacks!
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