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35 Hot Guys Which One is Your Type?

By Sabrina
Can you believe men this perfect exist in everyday life? If it's been a while since you saw a guy who met all of your very high standards, take a break from work or school and check out these super hot guys!

1 CheekBones That Could Cut Diamonds

CheekBones That Could Cut Diamonds One thing that takes a guy’s hotness to the next level is amazing bone structure! And he’s the poster child for perfect cheekbones!

2 Winning Smile

Winning Smile What girl doesn’t dream of a guy with a dazzling smile? It would be lovely to be the cause of a smile like this one!

Samantha444 dazzling smile, and Straight from Athens 😃...

3 Dazed and Gorgeous

Dazed and Gorgeous Sure, he looks a little confused and not all there… but what is there—his face—is a work of art!

4 The Cutest Carrot Top

The Cutest Carrot Top Redheads need love, too! This gorgeous lad gives this hair minority a better reputation.

5 Nothing Beats a Man in a Suit

Nothing Beats a Man in a Suit Put any man in a suit and I swear I’ll swoon! Put THIS man in a suit and I will pull a Sleeping Beauty and not wake up until his lips lift this sweet curse!

6 Classic Combo

Classic Combo Dogs + cute guys = dream pairing! The only thing I don’t like about this photo is trying to decide which one is cuter!

7 The More the Merrier

The More the Merrier Two is always better than one, right? Especially when we are talking about stud muffins like these!

8 Sexy and He Knows It

Sexy and He Knows It I can tell he's an arrogant one... but for good reason! Have you ever seen a body and face this perfect? I'd be conceited too if I looked this good!

9 Ruggedly Handsome

Ruggedly Handsome This hottie is so ruggedly handsome, he could invite you back to his cave for a glass of wine and you'd probably still say yes! There's something about the Neanderthal-esque look that makes many of us weak at the knees.

10 Teenage Dream

Teenage Dream During a boring geometry lecture—which will never really come in handy—most girls' minds drift off to daydream of more exciting adventures. Nine times out of ten, there's a guy looking a lot like this in those teenage dreams!

11 Kind Eyes and Killer Looks

Kind Eyes and Killer Looks He's the kind of guy who would get your mom to fall for him when you took him home to meet the parents! He just has that smoldering gaze that women can't resist, and a combination of stunning features that make him gorgeous!

12 Just My Cup of Tea

Just My Cup of Tea When will life be complete? When I get out of bed in the morning and find HIM pouring me a cup of fresh English Breakfast tea!

13 Tattoo Love Affair

Tattoo Love Affair Imagine waking up to see that gorgeous face and cuddling with those amazing tattooed arms!

14 Best View at the Beach

Best View at the Beach If you went out for a beach day with him, you already know that every girl there would be green with envy!

euphraxia because Keith😍😍...

15 #Hairgoal #Boyfriendgoals

#Hairgoal #Boyfriendgoals This one's a twofer! You get your hair goals and hot boyfriend goals all bundled up in one!

16 Suddenly I'm Feeling Very Patriotic

Suddenly I'm Feeling Very Patriotic I love America, but if it came down to a choice between this stud and my country... I'm just saying the decision wouldn't be easy.

17 Straight from Athens

Straight from Athens His classic Greek features combine perfectly to make him look like some sort of god!

18 Shut up and Marry Me

Shut up and Marry Me A hot guy holding a kitten? That's it, we're soulmates. Somebody find a church and a minister because it's my wedding day.

19 Sun-Kissed Gift from God

Sun-Kissed Gift from God Is it just me or does he have the PERFECT skin and eye tone? Perfectly sun-kissed and flawless. Now... imagine what your kids would look like!

20 Good Things Come in Threes

Good Things Come in Threes If you had to choose just one...

Bettina is hard to choose...

21 Puppy Dog Eyes

Puppy Dog Eyes Doesn't his adorable expression look like he's saying, "Just five more minutes of cuddling, amor"? Ah, I'm melting!

22 Jawline Sculpted by Zeus Himself

Jawline Sculpted by Zeus Himself Have you ever seen a jawline so intensely beautiful?! It looks like it was crafted by Zeus's own lightning bolt!

23 Aged like Fine Wine

Aged like Fine Wine If all the other guys on here look like pipsqueaks to you, maybe this one is more your type! It certainly looks like he got better with age to me!

24 Forget the Coffee...

Forget the Coffee... I want a double shot of HIM! I can only imagine the reactions this hot guy gets from girls (and some guys) walking into his coffee shop every day!

25 Tell Me What Makes Him Human

Tell Me What Makes Him Human Humans are supposed to have flaws, right? But I don't see any on this dashing young man!

26 Bad Boy

Bad Boy Admit it, girls: we've all had the bad boy fantasy! You've dreamt of riding off into the sunset on a motorcycle with a hottie like this one as your rebellious escort!

27 I Think You Need a Shower, Buddy

I Think You Need a Shower, Buddy Showering alone can get pretty boring... Don't worry, he can fix that situation!

28 Pilot

Pilot I don't care about the destination, as long as I can be HIS co-pilot!

29 Goofy

Goofy The most important thing about a guy is often a good sense of humor!

30 Locker Room Selfie

Locker Room Selfie What I wouldn't give to be a locker in that gym when he's there!

31 The Exception

The Exception Not a huge fan of smokers, but for him I would simply hold my breath!

32 One Lucky Dog

One Lucky Dog Pretty sure that dog is smiling because her owner is so gorgeous!

33 The Smize

The Smize This man has perfected Tyra Banks's captivating eye smile— "the smize."

34 House Husband Material

House Husband Material One day, after dating every other hot guy on this list, you'll have to settle down with a nice house husband. He'll cook and clean and take care of the kids while you flourish in your career. Now that's what I call #relationshipgoals!

35 The Cherry on Top

The Cherry on Top But then, out of boredom, you'll have an affair with some super hot, interesting, guitar-playing guy like this. And you'll live happily ever after! The End.

If you're ever feeling down, or lonely, or just plain bored, this article should help lift your spirits! But if you had to pick just one, which one of these babes would you choose?

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