3. Side Tattoos

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Side tattoos are often seen on women, but they look sexy on men as well. They're less common than the other areas we frequently find tattoos on, which is why it's so attractive when a guy has one. Of course, the best part of any tattoo is the meaning behind it, so never underestimate how important the design is to him.

Upper Arm Tattoos


No. 1 😍😍😍😍 I barely even paid attention to the tattoos lol
Beryl Stokes
Berenice Urbina
All I know is guy #2 has it going on!! Lol
damn, now thats what im talkin' bout!!!! lol. i agree the tattoos aren't great but the guys are...!!!
I don't find these to be 'hot' places, either. Most of those are trashy.... Hand tattoos? No thank you.
Ms Marvel
Yeah, no. I have tattoos and find them to be attractive on others, but a lot of the places and examples fall under the category of "trashy" and not hot.
Michelle Atchison
I'm sorry but the very last guy reminds me of a girl because of his pose and tattoo location lol
Um... That skeleton tattoo is not hot! It's creepy.
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