How Cheaters Feel after Being Found out ...


How Cheaters Feel after Being Found out ...
How Cheaters Feel after Being Found out ...

Ever wondered how cheaters feel after being found out. Have you ever been cheated on? Cheating is one of the worst things one can experience ever. You might feel shame, want to take revenge or insult the cheater, but that is really of no use and it won’t get you anywhere. I’m telling you this because I have witnessed how the cheater suffers. See, life is karma! Check out how cheaters feel after being found out.

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They Feel Bad

Most cheaters feel bad for the things they’ve done, but a few really care. However, the majority of them feel guilty and remorseful after cheating. Bad is how cheaters feel after being found out.


They Feel Weak

Some cheaters have a pretty low self esteem. They want to show that they are tough, but nonetheless, end up feeling weak for not being able to keep a partner.


They Hang out with Other Girls

Some guys just hang out with girls and will betray them the same way he betrayed you. They do this because it gives them a sense of power and superiority.


They Find It Hard to Trust

Confidence in others and trusting becomes a major problem for most cheaters. They have practiced betrayal as a skill, which makes them feel insecure about their relationships with others.


They Try to Ignore You

Other cheaters will try their best to ignore you completely. That is for many reasons. One reason is to continue playing games with other girls. Another one is to prove that you aren't a priority.

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It's so awful having someone cheat, remorseful or not... never taking him back


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