How 👦🏽👦🏾👱 do Guys Decide 🤔 if You're "Girlfriend Material" 👫?


So, I got the idea for this after reading a typical bro article about the same subject – it was tongue-in-cheek, for the most part, and it had its witty moments, but at the same time, I had to cringe while I was reading it because I know there are guys out there who decide that a woman's “girlfriend material” based on traits such as her talent in the kitchen and the existence of any body art. I took it upon myself to ask some of my straight male friends about their criteria for deciding if a girl is “girlfriend material” – and you'll be happy to know that three out of the four started off by saying they would never, ever use that phrase.

1. A Woman Has to Love Herself

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This was unanimous. If a woman clearly loves herself, not with smugness or arrogance, but with confidence and true self-love, then men – these men, at least – consider her excellent “girlfriend material.” Why? Because she knows her own worth, she doesn't depend on validation from someone else, and her love for herself suggests a deep capacity for loving others. Word.

A Good Relationship with Her Family Doesn't Hurt


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