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How Does Love Make You Feel ...

By Sherika

How does love make you feel?

When you feel love, does it take you to paradise and can you feel the butterflies in your soul?

Do you feel love with a touch? Have you been touched by someone you love until it makes you feel like lightning has touched your heart with a shock?

That touch can come from a beautiful touch of the hands, the soft touch of a kiss, and the hug that takes your breathe away.

Man, love can make you feel so low and at the same time makes you feel so powerful, like you're on top of the world. Love can make you lose your mind.

Have you lost not knowing if your going or coming? Who created this feeling that we all live for?

Damn you love, why did you creep around my door with that emotional attachment?

I know the feeling you are feeling because love caught me off guard one day. That’s why I was wondering if you have experienced the same effect. How does love make you feel?

Love will have you sitting in your car at night trying to see who else is getting your love. Well guess what? I’m trying to get you to see through my eyes.

If your love never keeps you on a natural high then run - it’s not love. If your love doesn't have you smiling nonstop, then it’s not love.

Last thing: if your love didn’t come from God, it’s not real love.

So now can you tell me how love makes you feel?

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