How Easy is It for a Woman to Have Sex?


You've heard the rumor that it's easier for women to find someone to sleep with than for men to find someone to sleep with. However, that doesn't mean we can just walk right up to strangers and ask them back to our bedroom--or does it?

One woman completed a social experiment in order to find out. She walked up to random men on the street and bluntly asked them if they wanted to sleep with her. Most of them respond by laughing or blushing. Of course, some of them are happy to agree.

The results are right here:

This video proves that women can't actually have sex anytime they want with whomever they want. However, it also proves that it can pay off to be blunt.

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I loved the concern of first man! Although it was just an experiment but that man was great as a human!!

Wow u don't know if she's got aids a sexually transmitted diseases there are some dogs out there wow I would wonder if I was some kinda show sex wins in this case 50 percent imagine the guys that weren't with the other half how many of these guys thought about protection even though it was a test...

No ❕no❕no❕❕❕to illegitimate relationships !!! No need to risk ones health, reputation, dignity etc .. No chance even if I might be in deadly incurable love with him ❕

It was kind of funny to get a quick preview at the end of a dude asking ladies for sex.. It's so different for guys! He got soup thrown in his face and laughed at! Then again, she got confronted by the police. Is it against the law anywhere to ask someone for sex? Is it considered soliciting? Double standards are definitely still alive and well. Funny video, interesting. I love watching and being a part of social experiments.

I take that back calling the guys dogs she was asking to have to have free sex so between two consenting adults ....s

That was funny cant help thinking that she was turned because she asked first!

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