2. They Order What They Actually Want to Eat on a Date

When girls feel comfortable in their relationship, they tend to worry less about whether or not they look classy while eating a burger. They actually enjoy the time they spend with their significant other and they order what they really want to eat while they are on a date with them.

They Don’t Care if Their Boyfriends See Them without Makeup on


I'm always WAY too nervous to eat or talk normally on a first date, like I'm freaking out! >_
So I'm not 100% on how this works
Hi all
Hehehe dats trueπŸ˜€
Cat Bishop
This is all true
I can totally relate to the school photos one and the makeup one! My school photos were the worst. I never wanted him to see them cause I looked really bad but he eventfully saw them and told me I was...
Haha that's so me!
Lavi X
He does..
He should see the real you from the start.
peony blue
Oh yes it is enjoyable when you become yourself and just have fun.
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