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How He Will Break Your Heart According to His Zodiac Sign ...

By Melly

One of the cruellest facts about life is that, whether we like it or not, we are all destined to have our hearts broken at some point! We always hope that it will only happen once, but you can never be sure, and the thought of heartbreak shouldn’t stop you from entering into a new relationship when you think the time is right. Perhaps if you could be a little prepared for what is to come? Here is **how he will break your heart according to his zodiac sign!

1 Aries

He’s going to ghost you. One minute you will think everything is fine, then you will never hear from him again!

2 Taurus

He is going to leave you because he has found someone else. He is way too impulsive to be with the same person for too long, but it will be his loss!


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3 Gemini

He can never make his mind up about anything, so it will be a case of him simply changing his mind about wanting to be in a relationship right now.

4 Cancer

It might sound harsh, but he is simply going to fall out of love with you. You will probably sense it happening, but you will want to try to delay it for as long as possible.

5 Leo

He is going to dump you for a really stupid reason, probably after the first argument you have. He is too immature to be able to get over that first conflict.

6 Virgo

He is going to lead you on and make you believe that he is more interested in you than he really is, so it will come as a surprise when quickly decides that he wants out.

7 Libra

He is going to want to be your ‘almost boyfriend’ all the time rather than your real boyfriend, and there will come a time when he doesn’t even want the almost nature of it anymore.

8 Scorpio

He is going to pull a full Ross from Friends and want to go on a break, but don’t be fooled; he just wants to try to sleep with other women at the same time!

9 Sagittarius

He isn’t mature enough to be able to handle a real adult relationship yet, so you can expect him to just run away like a teenager!

10 Capricorn

He is going to totally friend zone you, probably because he is so oblivious to the degree of your affection for him that he doesn’t see a problem in cutting off your flirtation!

11 Aquarius

He is going to do it over text, because he hates talking face to face when he has something good to say, let alone something bad!

12 Pisces

He is going to act like a complete idiot and be really mean about it, because he thinks that hurting your feelings is the only way to make sure that it truly ends.

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