How Married Couples Can Get past Bed Death 🏨 💋‍ ...

Lesbian bed death is a thing that's not really a thing because it doesn't happen to all lesbian couples and because it isn't restricted to lesbian couples. Every married couple has the potential to experience bed death. You still love and desire each other, but things happen, life gets in the way, one or both of you may be depressed or feel unattractive – there are dozens of reasons. The point is that it can happen to any couple, and any couple can get past it. You have to work together and you both have to want it, but if you're a married couple dealing with a debilitating case of bed death, I'm here to help you move past it. Don't come up with a eulogy for your sex life just yet, okay?

1. Talk to Each Other

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You have to talk to each other first. I know the subject can be a little embarrassing, even between married couples, but bringing the problem out into the open is crucial for getting past it.

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