4. Be Respectful

Be Respectful

You can't be in a successful relationship with someone who views you as inferior. He needs to respect your mind, body, and soul.

Be Patient


Maria Bringeland
😊😊😊 so true 😉😉
I agree that these are things guys will do if they genuinely care about you. But shouldn't live be a mutual understanding? A verbal and non-verbal poetically intimate dance between 2 souls? NOT enslaving one to make him or her 'earn' your love... Men want to be valued also
And vice versa
7 got me blushing all crazy (;
All Seven ARE so very true... A man with these traits is most definitely... " A Keeper " !!! And the woman that has him... Is very fortunate!!!
Araceli Guerra
Love it!! 😜
I love this 😍❤️. So helpful
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