How Not to Respond to "I Love You" ...


It may be only three little words but the emotion conveyed can mean so much to the person who utters them. And that means when you respond to them you have to be sympathetic to the person delivering the “I love you” – especially if the feelings are not reciprocated. It might have been extremely hard for the person to say I love you and at least you should have some respect for that. Please don’t respond in any of these ways.

1. Don’t Question His Sanity

Don’t Question His Sanity

One of the key things not to say when he says I love you is something along the lines of ‘are you crazy?’. It will have taken a lot of courage and showing of vulnerability for him to step up and actually tell you how he feels. The last thing he wants is for you to brush it off as some sort of momentary lapse in judgement. You need to take his feelings in to account, and if it is the case where you don’t actually feel the same way, don’t pretend like his proclamation is just some silly game.

Don’t Say ‘I Know’


Hey can
One time I just said, "thank you... That will be taken into consideration next time we speak...." AND JUST WALKED AWAY. looking back it was so awkward
I didn't say anything...
I always just say "Oh." when my bf tells me he loves me. I'm hoping it will encourage him to stop saying it all the time nonstop and start saying it at more appropriate moments where it can have a bit more meaning to it.
I was too distracted by the gifs to read it properly haha. OMG Nessa in #2. She's so brilliant. 
I do what Dominik does lol😂😂
Dominik Mason @ that's a brilliant idea
Dominik Mason
When this happens, I'm just like "Oh thanks, that's cool." My boyfriend loves it😭
Then what should u do?😐
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