How Talking Dirty Can Improve Your Relationship in and out of Bed ...

Talking dirty includes anything, from telling your partner you are going to make him/her feel like a million dollars, to slowly describing a session with you, a litre of oil, handcuffs, and very sharp nails. If you're interested in giving it a try, here is how talking dirty can improve your relationship both in the bedroom and beyond.

1. Talking Dirty in the Bedroom is Naughty and Fun

You spend your day with your partner, being civilized and respectable human beings. Then when you get into bed, you start talking as if you are setting up your own porn franchise. It is a little bit naughty and a lot of fun. The stuff you say need not even be true, in fact, it is helpful if it is not. Do you really want to f*** his brains out? Do you really want her to think you are her daddy?