Perfect πŸ‘Œ Realizations 🌈 to Help You Accept πŸ™ a Breakup πŸ’” and Move on πŸ‘‹ ...

Wondering how to accept a breakup and move on? It grieves my heart to see a lot of ladies wallow in self-pity and misery because the man in their lives walked out on the love and life they had together. Candidly speaking it is not easy to face the hurt of losing a man you’ve shared an emotional bond with but at the same time, it is not worth losing you or killing yourself for. Every lady should realize some things that help make the pain bearable.The mere fact that he walked out on you is an indication that he does not deserve you. Consider this lesson on how to accept a breakup and move on.

1. HE MOVED on without YOU

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He walked away without as much as a glimpse back so why would you want to give him the pleasure of believing your life is over without him? There is more to life than him, your life is not dependent on him so pick up your broken pieces and make it into a whole and new you. And that's a great start for figuring out how to accept a breakup and move on.


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I know this may sound like β€˜que sera sera’ to you but girl it is true. Whatever would be would be, come what may. Sometimes it does not mean you are not doing enough or you are doing too much. It just would not be.


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Some guys cannot stand a woman who can hold their own. Do not get me wrong here. Don’t go disrespecting him with your pride and all but when you are absolutely sure inside of you that you are humbly doing your best, that β€˜best’ can be taken wrongly by a man who is naturally suffering from an inferiority complex and is easily intimidated, so he will simply not stay.


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Most times what you are leaving behind is lesser compared to what is ahead. You will always get a better man than he was, trust me. You just keep your head up, be you and be happy. It may take just your smile for that great guy to come searching for you


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That he left you may actually be the best gift he has given you. Sometimes we are so deeply in love that we do not get to see our partner’s fault even when we are suffering in the relationship. His walking away may turn out to be the launch to freedom, a chance to realize you were in emotional bondage and should rejoice at his decision to set you free!

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