How to Apologize without Actually Saying You're Sorry ...


How to Apologize without Actually Saying You're Sorry ...
How to Apologize without Actually Saying You're Sorry ...

What do you do to get things back on track after a fight? Of course you can say you’re sorry but maybe you don’t want to. Or maybe you think apologizing verbally would just bring the argument back up again. Whatever your reason, here’re some alternative ways to apologize besides saying you’re sorry.

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Let It Go

painting, art, plucked string instruments, Sometimes simply moving on is the best strategy. This’s especially true if this seems to be the path your guy has chose to take. Guys don’t usually like to keep an argument open and often prefer to ignore things. A wise piece of advice my grandmother gave was “the least said, the soonest mended.” Sometimes it’s best just to let things go.


Laugh It off

person, furniture, sitting, photo shoot, interaction, Humor can diffuse a tense situation. It could be that making a joke about your argument could help you both to have a sense of humor about it. It may suddenly seem like a lighter subject. Reminding yourselves not to take things so seriously is sometimes a good idea. You may even laugh over how silly your argument was in the first place.


Explain Yourself

furniture, picture frame, portrait photography, photo shoot, Sometimes you can work things out by having a conversation where you’re both open about your feelings. You can avoid saying you’re sorry by explaining yourself. Once your guy understands why you said or did whatever it was, his feelings may change. He may have more compassion than he did in the middle of the argument. When you explain yourself he can see a bigger picture.


Offer Understanding

human action, photograph, person, human positions, sitting, On the flip side, it’s good to try to see his point of view. A lot of times we get so caught up in our emotions that we don’t truly listen to our partner. Try to be open-minded and hear his heart. This can be a big step in diffusing any argument you may have. Approaching conflict with this strategy will make arguments almost non-existent.


Be Affectionate

person, photography, photo shoot, hug, interaction, If you’ve had an argument and things still feel tense between you, this’s another idea you can try. Sometimes being affectionate toward your partner softens both your hearts. If you feel right about it, offer your guy a hug and kiss. While he may not be overly responsive, most guys won’t reject that. He may surprise you with being very receptive, too.


Ask This Question

color, photograph, blue, human positions, green, This’s actually a secret code in some relationships that couples use. After an argument you may want to ask your guy if you’re okay as a couple. It’s a simple question that he’ll most likely answer yes to even if he’s upset. This can remind you both that even though you’re upset, your love is still strong. Hearing him say that everything is fine can make everything right in your world, too.


Give Him a Peace Offering

human action, person, human positions, sitting, conversation, Peace offerings are a way of apologizing without saying you’re sorry. You can do this in numerous ways. You could make him his favorite dessert, buy tickets to a game you know he wants to see, pick him up a shirt in a brand he loves or many other things. While he’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness in choosing a gift, the fact that you’re reaching out to him will mean more. He may even prefer this type of apology to a verbal one.

These’re 7 ways to apologize without saying you’re sorry. How do you make up with your guy after a fight? I’d love to hear what works for you.

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Thank you Alicia though I know these things already it's always nice to get it refreshed :) I love your posts !

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