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It doesn't matter how many guys like you if none of them click with you. That's why you should try a few tricks to attract the type of men that you actually want to date. Otherwise, you could end up settling for someone that doesn't work well with you. Here are a few ways to attract the right guy for you so you end up in a healthy relationship:

1. Be Yourself

The best advice is the most obvious advice. If you want to land someone who's perfect for you, then you need to be yourself around every guy you meet. Don't morph yourself into someone you're not to impress a hottie. If you do, then you won't end up with someone who fits you.

Visit the Right Places


Excellent post, thanks :-)
Oh my gosh, #3 made me laugh so hard I cried 😂
Yay, yay, YAY, Francesca!!! 👍
Very well put Francesca...# 6 is hilarious 😂
Alexis Nicole'
@Francesca Rose that is absolutely true. I have guy friends and male family that do this, sadly
Francesca Rose
Ladies, please do not go for every guy that shows interest in you. That same guy may show interest in other girls as well, but he's picking you as one as an option. Ladies, we are not an option, we ar...
Sapna Pathak
End of the day it's destiny whom u meet n want in ur life
peony blue
or just be open to an adventure. Sometimes the men we feel sure out types is just an illusion and there is nothing wrong with having a type bug open can also be a great eye opener. Try it.
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