How to Avoid These Frustrating Relationship Pitfalls ...


Some relationship problems are more common than others. It’s good to be aware of relationship pitfalls so you can avoid them. But not to worry if you spot one or two of these! There’re ways to work these relationship pitfalls out so that you’ll be forever in love. 💑

1. Communication Issues

Communication issues are a very common relationship pitfall. It’s very difficult to completely avoid this one. Misunderstandings happen because you’re two different people and don’t think exactly alike. Minimize communication issues by trying to stay calm when you handle conflict. You’ll get to the heart ❤of the matter and reach a solution much more quickly this way.

You Don’t Spend Enough Time Together


Isabella Coles
Peony I know what you mean. I'm trying to work on the nagging/moaning thing cause I get it from my mum - but hopefully I won't be as bad as her when I'm living with my fiancé!
peony blue
Communicate yes but ladies dont go on too because we can talk the house down and that is when u become a nag!!!
Brittany, consider counseling
My husband and I always seem to have conflict about the same thing... Control issues! He thinks he's just helping me out and teaching me, which is fine if it didn't feel and sound like he's talking to...
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